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A finance broker is part of an outworker’s labour market meaning it is a 'hidden' or 'invisible' workforce. It is very difficult to say exactly how many of these outworkers there are in Australia.

In addition the sub-originator finance brokers do not receive industrial entitlements such as paid annual leave, superannuation, or sick leave. They are normally classified as self employed and face irregular work and an insecure income.

Finance Brokers are isolated with very little bargaining power. Finance brokers, as individuals, are in an extremely vulnerable position and can be expected to wear commercial risks that are the responsibility of other parties.

The Australian Institute of Professional Brokers (AIPB's) Objectives are:

Well trained and knowledgeable To provide a forum and focus for all matters affecting finance brokers
Marketplace leaders To advance the professional image and functioning of the Finance Broker
Set Benchmarks To ensure Finance Brokers are recognised and acknowledged as a valuable commodity to borrowers, credit providers, government, regulators, and the Australian public

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